Schiwo Pakistan is a soul and exclusive partner of ASIFAC VETPHARMA CO. complete product range in Pakistan. ASIFAC VETPHARMA CO. specialized in supplement feeding production in aviculture, hatchery, stockbreeding. At the private facilities of 3.500 s.m. area at Industrial Area of Thessaloniki acts 6 production departments.


Known, with a total investment of at Giang Dien IZ 80 billion VND, Thinh Asia continues to expand its production in the field of veterinary import and production. Today, with a total workforce of 100. people and a turnover of 25 billion VND / month, Thinh Asia has confirmed the brand in the field of veterinary medicine production with many outstanding products for livestock, poultry, animal scene, seafood …

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220 Pham The Hien, Ward 2, District 8, Ho Chi Minh City

TEL : (08) 8515 503-2608 958
FAX : (08) 8568 035
Email[email protected]

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